October Highlights

New Members: On Sunday, October 15th, we added a new member to our church family here at Trinity. Nick Wolff is officially a part of our family. Nick is the son of Amy Wolff and grandson of Dick Wolff. Please welcome him in worship, and we look forward to working with him in carrying out our congregation’s mission.  Welcome to Trinity, Nick!

Harvest Home: On October 7th and 8th we celebrated Harvest Home, thanking God for all the blessings He has provided to us. To show our thanks, we collected needed items for the Schuylkill Women in Crisis Center in Pottsville. We thank all who contributed to this collection, to Yvonne Specht for providing the display and for Jamie Masser for delivering our donations to a very appreciative staff at the Center.

Agape Community Meal: We served about 65 people again at our Agape Community Meal on October 11th with several of our regulars missing. Another BIG thanks to our Junior Youth Group for helping to set up the tables and chairs and set the tables for our meal. We certainly appreciate their help in making this meal possible.

Special Congregational Meeting: Trinity’s Congregational Council called a special congregational meeting following the worship service on Sunday, October 22nd for the purpose of voting on two motions from Council:

1)     Organ Loan: When the organ debt is equal to the available amount of the Ebert money, the available Ebert money will be used to pay off the entire organ debt.  The intent of this motion was to acknowledge the generosity of Terry Ebert by using the remaining portion of the available funds from his endowment gift to pay off our organ and eliminate this debt in 2017. Our hope is that members will redirect organ fund donations to the current fund to help with operational expenses. This motion was approved.

2)     Endowment Bylaws: to approve the revised Endowment Bylaws. The intent of the revisions to the Endowment Bylaws was to clarify bylaw provisions, and include the provision to use available endowment funds to supplement income during times of significant budget shortfall. Available endowment funds come primarily from yearly return on invested principal. While we don’t want to depend on these available funds to sustain the church, we want to be able to use them as a safety net when contributions to the current fund are insufficient to pay our bills.  The less we need to use them to pay operational expenses, the more we have available for special ministries and projects. The revised bylaws were approved with amendments that eliminated language describing the approval process for borrowing from endowment principal and using available endowment funds. This will be defined in the Continuing Resolutions. The revised Endowment Bylaws will be incorporated into Trinity’s Constitution and Bylaws document.

Pay Off Organ Loan: According to Endowment Bylaws (both old and revised), unless specified otherwise by the donor, we are permitted to use up to 10% of an endowment gift. The remaining 90% is considered principal and must be invested. Ten percent of the Terry Ebert bequest provided Trinity with $60,183 of available funds. We used $39,800 for the new sound system, and $250 to purchase a hometown heros banner for Terry.  The total used to date is $40,050, leaving $20,133 available. As of September 30th, the Organ Fund balance is $20,747.  So we need $614 for the organ fund before we can pay it off. We will be calculating the amount collected in October to see how much, if any, is still needed to reach the $614.  Stay tuned.  We are very close…….

500th Anniversary of Reformation, October 29th: Members of Trinity, Friedens and St. James worked together to provide a special worship service to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The special service was held at Trinity on Sunday, October 29th at 10:00 AM, and it was WONDERFUL. There were more than 200 people in attendance.  The plate offering of $619 was donated to Tri-Valley Charities. The celebration was inspiring and will not be forgotten by anyone who attended. The service was followed by a delicious roast beef dinner prepared by members of all three congregations.  What an awesome tribute to Martin Luther and his efforts 500 years ago!

Kitchen Committee: The Kitchen Committee prepared and served three dinners in October. Thanks to all who helped with these efforts. The Committee would especially like to thank everyone who contributed cakes. We are blessed to have such wonderful bakers! Coming up in November, the Committee will prepare and serve the Agape Community Meal on Wednesday, November 8th, and the annual congregational dinner on Sunday, November 19th.

Miles to Mend: In the month of October, we fulfilled two Miles to Mend requests.  Also this month we received $200.05 from our Redner’s Receipts and $384 from our Community Aide bins for a total of $584.05 added to our Miles to Mend funds. It has been noted that the poster at Nino's has been taken down, but you can still nominate people using the poster at Trinity! Please be reminded that we are looking to assist people who need to travel due to ongoing medical issues.

I thank you for your thoughts, prayers, cards and kindness shown during my illness. It meant so much to me. Thank you all so very much, Blessings, Alice Kuczawa

Halloween “Trunk or Treat” Night: This year, the “Trunk or Treat” Event held on October 31st was organized by the Tri Valley Youth Activities Fund and hosted at Trinity. There was a constant flow of costumed children, parents and grandparents from 6 to 8:00 PM through the parking lot filled with decorated trunks and then through the Social Hall for free hot dogs served by our own Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh and on to the Mad Science Lab. What a fun evening for all! We are grateful to the Tri Valley Youth Activities Fund for taking over this event so this safe and enjoyable evening for the families in our community could continue. In addition, the National Honor Society had an excellent response to their request for canned food items for St. John’s food pantry. Extra hot dogs and buns were taken to Haven Ministries. It was a very successful and fun evening!

 In Loving Memory of Rebecca “Honey” Schwalm Who Truly Lived the Commandment “Love One Another.”

In Memory of Michael Marchiano “See you on the other side of the stars.” Bob / Cathy / Brenda

New Sound System is Dedicated to the Glory of God and in Memory of Terry Lee Ebert November 5, 2017

 In Honor of My Family, Ruth A., Robert F., and George C, Ruth I. Zubrickie

Congregation Council Meeting Highlights:  Tuesday, October 10th  at 7:00 PM.

·          Treasurer’s Report:  The amount owed on the organ as of September 30th  is $20,747.

·         Worship & Music Committee: Jack Umholtz has not taken a salary again this year and requested that what would have been paid to him be put toward payment of the organ loan. Thank you, Jack!

·         Christian Education Committee: Age groups will be divided for Sunday Church School into Grades K-2 and 3-4 since K-4 was too wide a range. All other classes will remain the same. The Committee scheduled the Advent Craft Faire for December 3rd, the Children’s Christmas Program for December 17th, and the Christmas Puppet Show for December 24th. Only five crafters have signed up for the Craft Faire so we are still in need of crafters.

·         Youth Ministry: Council approved a request by the Senior Youth Group to sell “Carolgrams” as a fundraiser for their Roanoke trip.

·         Finance Committee:  The Committee will prepare the 2018 budget at a meeting October 17th.

·         Endowment Committee: Council approved the revised Endowment Bylaws which will now be presented for action by the congregation at the special meeting on October 22nd.  The Endowment Committee will invest the $35,000 with Hudock.  It will be invested the beginning of the year and tracked separately.


·         Property Committee: With the help of Ross Schwalm and Paul Kramer, the post at the east end entry will be repaired. The door at the east entrance has been repaired and no longer slams shut.

·         Kitchen Committee: The Committee met to plan the community meal on October 11th which will be Alice’s Campfire Dinner.  They purchased lightweight plastic pitchers and teaspoons.

·         Discipleship Committee: The Committee will continue with the Community Meals.  The recent Orange Tour attended by members of the Discipleship Committee was discussed. It was described as a church revitalization workshop and was very worthwhile and highly recommended.  Ideas from this workshop will be incorporated into our revitalization efforts.

·         Fellowship: Harvest Home display will be set up by Yvonne Specht. Donated items will be taken to Schuylkill Women in Crisis Shelter Center by Jamie Masser.

·         Day Care: Due to the current financial issues, Day Care requested rent amnesty from now through 2018.  They now pay $667 for 9 months/year.  Council approved this request.

·         Nominating Committee: The following members agreed to serve on the Nominating Committee: Joe Fogarty, Dezi Fogarty, Beau Troutman, and Dara Troutman. Joe reported having a difficulty getting people to be nominated for Council positions. If anyone would like to be nominated for Council, please see Pastor Brian or any member of the Nominating Committee.

·         Use of Social Hall: Council approved the following uses of the church:  Social Hall and Kitchen on December 17th from 1-4 for Jennifer Minor and the Legion; Library for a Girl Scout Leader meeting November 8th at 6:30 (Library was requested because the Social Hall will be used for the Community Meal).

·         Next Meeting:  The next Council meeting will be held on November 14th at 7:00 PM.