Trinity Cookbooks are Still Available!


The Kitchen Committee still has about 20 cookbooks left for sale.

If you need a quick Christmas gift, these might just be what you’re looking for! The price is $8 per book, and all money raised benefits Brethren Housing Association (BHA). So far, our cookbooks have raised over $830 for BHA, some of which was already used to help stock the apartment we just completed.

The cookbook includes 220 tested recipes from members of our congregation and would make an excellent holiday gift!

For information on how to purchase one, please contact the Church office at 570-682-9373.

***Cookbook Correction***
A correction needs to be made to the Trinity filling recipe on page 66 in the new cookbook. One lb. of butter/margarine is required, not two as stated in the recipe. Sorry for any confusion this has caused.

Trinity Church