Did You Ever Wonder? ... about the funding for our Community Meals?

Every second Wednesday of each month we serve as much as 80 to 90 people for our Community Meals.  Surely many have wondered how our congregation can support that kind of ministry.  Here is some information that should be helpful.


For the past two years, The Kitchen Committee has provided the meal at Christmas Time for Sterman Masser Inc.  They were remunerated over $1000 each time for these meals, and that money was then used to fund our meals. 

We as a congregation have applied for funding through the Wagner fund, a resource set up by Russell Wagner in memory of his wife.  The entire purpose of the fund is to support ministries such as this that seek to help and support the community.  Thanks to this fund, we received over $2,000 last year.

We have also received donations from other churches that have taken collections up specifically for support of our meals.

At Trinity Lutheran Church, we are told by our Lord Jesus to "feed my sheep."  

Our Kitchen Committee works diligently to find the best prices for the food we provide.  Some food, on occasion, is donated.  On average, we are able to feed our gatherings for around $100 each month.  You did not read that wrong, nor is it a misprint- thanks to some very good deals, we manage to feed up to 90 people (that was our highest total so far) for around $100 total for the dinner. 

As we have sought to do, at no time has any money from offering or our general fund ever been used to fund our community meals.  Thanks to very generous people, this ministry has been specifically funded by donations and uses of the Kitchen Committee's services that have been undertaken with the goal of funding this important ministry.  

If you have not been with us to see the Lord working in such an amazing way, come join us on the second Wednesday of July for our next Community Meal!

Trinity Church