Gloria Miller, March 17, 1928 - January 18, 2018

In Memorium


May the light and promise of the Resurrection shine in the lives of the family and friends of Gloria Miller. Rest eternal grant her, Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.


Gloria L. Miller entered into eternal rest on January 18, 2018.  Pastor Brian shared this about Gloria…  I will remember Gloria as a kind person who loved to laugh.  She was, like me, a diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan, and many of our conversations were about the team.  She loved her family dearly, and was always in awe of the different things that they were doing.  She was so proud of her children and grandchildren!  The last time I saw Gloria in church was at Dan Umholtz's organ concert in May of 2016.  Tom had brought her and she looked so happy to be out and about!  I'll always remember her smile on that night.  The one story that I have heard more than once this week happened quite some time ago.  I was probably about 2 years into my time here at Trinity, and I went to Gloria's house to bring her communion.  Now, Gloria was of the generation where you didn't have to knock to come in, so I opened the door and yelled hello.  I walked into her living room, and she started giving me directions about where to put her food order.  I was so confused!  She wasn't looking at me, but was looking in a book.  She finally asks me, "did you bring me my potatoes?"  and I said, "sorry, but no."  She says, "why not?"  and then looks up at me and starts laughing.  Here she thought I was the Schwan delivery man bringing her food.  We laughed about that for years to come.  May the hope of the resurrection carry us as we mourn the loss of Gloria Miller.

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