Velma Hoffner, September 25, 1928 - August 18, 2019

In Memorium

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May the light and promise of the Resurrection shine in the lives of the family and friends of Velma Hoffner. Rest eternal grant her, Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.


            Velma Hoffner, born September 25, 1928, entered into eternal rest on August 18, 2019.  Pastor Brian shared this about Velma…  Velma Hoffner was a quiet person who didn't call attention to herself, though she had many connections through her warm personality and her loving heart.  While Velma spent much time caring for her husband Ivan when he was alive, she also kept many relationships within this congregation.  As her pastor, more than once I found out about a pastoral issue because Velma had just had a conversation with one of her friends.  She loved her family and loved keeping up with what was going on in the lives of her grandchildren.  On visits with Velma, I often heard about her grandsons and granddaughters who were spread all across the country, one living in Texas and one living in Brooklyn.  She loved hearing from them and loved hearing news about them.  Velma was overjoyed when people connected to Trinity came to see her and spent time with her, and she was very appreciative when we would bring her a meal the night of our Community Meals.  She always complimented the thought behind the delivery.  She lived life on her own terms, staying in her own home up until the last month of her life.  In Velma's passing, we are reminded of the hope of the resurrection and the compassion of the Lord, that same compassion that framed much of Velma's life.  May we give thanks to God for the gift Velma was to her family and friends and may God comfort all who mourn the loss of Velma.

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