Bretheran Housing Association Tour

Brethren Housing Association (BHA), January 11th:  

On January 11th Pastor Brian, Travis Snyder, Beau Troutman, Dezi Fogarty, Sandy Weist, Joan Klinger and Sherry McDonald visited the Brethren Housing Association in Harrisburg (BHA).  BHA was founded in 1989 by several Church of the Brethren congregations partnering together to help the homeless. They are an independent, nonprofit, interdenominational human service organization that maintains close ties to the Church of the Brethren. BHA owns more than 10 properties in South Allison Hill and serves more than 85 adults and children each year. The organization is faith-based, motivated by Jesus’ love for the poor and hurting; however; no religious requirements are made of participants to receive services. BHA provides stable housing, skill development, and loving relationships to help families increase stability and obtain permanent housing. In addition to helping people transform their lives, BHA has also revitalized a city block. With the help of dedicated volunteers, funders, and contractors, blighted buildings have been rehabbed and turned into beautiful and safe housing for families who are experiencing homelessness. BHA was founded to live out our Christian calling to serve those in need. Over the years, congregations have joined BHA in the calling to serve, as member churches. The Discipleship Committee is proposing to have Trinity become a member church to support this dedicated organization that has served over 1000 adults and children since 1989.  On Sunday, February 18th at our 10:30 am service, Crystal Brown, Administrative Director of BHA will join us and share information about the journey and vision of the Brethren Housing Association, discuss volunteer opportunities, and answer questions.

Trinity Church