Miles to Mend & Pay to Play


In May, there was one request for Miles to Mend Assistance which was fulfilled.  Please be aware that this program is open to all who are dealing with ongoing medical issues that require frequent travel to medical facilities.  We give $50 gas cards which then can be used at Redner's to help offset the cost of travel.  You can sponsor anyone who lives in the Tri-Valley School District.  Nomination forms are located at the office entrance of the church or click the link below to print one. Simply place the completed forms in the box at the office entrance of the church.

What is Miles to Mend?

Miles to Mend is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church of Valley View that attempts to respond to the fact that members of our community experience budget shortfalls at times.  Some are traveling great distances for treatment of serious medical conditions.  Others are faced with denying their children the chance to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, band or clubs, due to mounting activity-related expenses.   We feel we can do God’s work by helping those in need. 

Miles to Mend provides assistance in the form of a gas card.  This is available to all in the Tri-Valley School District who have to routinely travel for ongoing medical care. 

We have also opened up Miles to Mend for families who cannot afford the "Pay to Play" fee for activities in our School District.  The same request form can be used for this endeavor.  With the Tri Valley School Board passing the “Pay to Play” policy, the Discipleship Committee would like to remind everyone that our Miles to Mend fund was expanded earlier this year to include not only financial assistance for those who need to travel distances for ongoing medical care but also to help students who need financial assistance with expenses to participate in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, band, chorus, drama, and other clubs.  No financial information is requested, and they do not have to belong to Trinity.  If you know a student who may not participate in extracurricular activities because of the $100 fee, please let them know about this program.  We want every child who wants to play a sport, an instrument in the band, sing in the chorus, join the drama or other clubs to be able to participate.

How do I apply for assistance?

Please complete a Miles to Mend request form which can be obtained by clicking below.  Place the completed form in the lock box located on the table in the church office entrance on the north side of the building.  Trinity Lutheran Church is located at the corner of Gap and Maple Streets in Valley View.  Completed forms may also be mailed to Trinity Lutheran Church, PO Box 153, Valley View, PA 17983.  ALL REQUESTS WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL

Pastor Brian Beissel will contact you regarding your request.