Tri-Valley Cross Country Shoe Drive Fundraiser and Service Project



The Tri-Valley Cross Country Team through its Shoe Drive Fundraiser and Service Project collected 2,900 pairs of shoes and raised $1,127.60 for the team....not to mention helping many others to start small businesses with the shoes. They greatly appreciate everyone’s support of this very good and successful project!

The Collection

The Tri-Valley Cross Country Team and Booster Organization shoe drive fundraiser ccontinued through August. The goal was to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes and raise $1,000 for our team.   The our goal of 2,500 pairs of shoes was exceeded..

Shoes of all sizes were collected. Any type of shoe except metal spikes or roller skates was accepted. Regular cleats were acceptable. Shoes which were gently worn, used or new were accepted. Collection sites were:  St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Valley View, Trinity Lutheran Church in Valley View, all TVSD school buildings, Sterman Masser Inc in Sacramento and the Hot Potato 5K on June 9, 2018.

The Cross Country Team is a newly sponsored school sport and this collection will help us to build a general fund.

Our team is working with a company called Funds2Orgs. This company will give us .40 per pounds of shoes. In turn, these shoes are sent to developing countries for people to start small businesses. Your contribution of used shoes supported 2 great causes.

Your support was greatly appreciated!

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