Did You Ever Wonder... about famous Lutherans?


Here is a list of famous people who are either practicing Lutherans or were raised in the Lutheran Church.  Some of these may surprise you!

- Kirsten Dunst (actress, known from the Spider-Man movies)

- Bruce Willis (actor, Die Hard series)

- David Letterman (talk show host)

- David Hasselhoff (actor, Knight Rider)

- Dana Carvey (comedian, Saturday Night Live.  His "Church Lady" character was based on many of the older women in his church growing up.)

- Dale Earnhardt, Jr., (race car driver, proposed to his girlfriend in a German Lutheran Church, Lutheran born and raised just like his father)

- Troy Aikman (retired quarterback, Dallas Cowboys)

- Lyle Lovett (country singer)

- Jack Cafferty (news commentator)

The following present and former members of the United States House of Representatives are Lutheran.  This is a very bipartisan group!
Douglas Bereuter (R), Nebraska (1st District)
Sherrod Brown (D), Ohio (13th District)
Lois Capps (D), California (23rd District)
John Carter (R), Texas (31st District)
Norman Dicks (D), Washington (6th District)
Darlene Hooley (D), Oregon (5th District)
Ron Kind (D), Wisconsin (3rd District)
Tom Latham (R), Iowa (5th District)
Zoe Lofgren (D), California (16th District)
Jim Nussle (R), Iowa (2nd District)
Doug Ose (R), California (3rd District)
Michael Oxley (R), Ohio (4th District)
Collin Peterson (D), Minnesota (7th District
Thomas Petri (R), Wisconsin (6th District)
Dave Reichert (R), Washington (8th District)
Martin Sabo (D), Minnesota (5th District)
John Shimkus (R), Illinois (19th District)
Bill Shuster (R), Pennsylvania (9th District)
Charles Stenholm (D), Texas (17th District)

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