Did You Ever Wonder... about Ascension Day?

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Ascension Day is held every year on the church calendar.  This year, a service will be held by the Tri-Valley Ministerium on May 30th at Salem Reformed Church in Rough and Ready.  

We have been celebrating this day, which commemorates Jesus' ascension to the Father after his resurrection, since around the 4th century, which makes it one of the church's oldest events.  In recent years, its observance has fallen by the wayside as it never occurs on a Sunday like some other church festivals.  As such, some religious traditions observe it on the Sunday after the Thursday.

It traditionally falls on a Thursday because it occurs 39 days after Easter, representing the roughly 40 days we believe Christ was on earth between his resurrection and ascension.  

The following Sunday is always Pentecost, where we observe the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit, which is also considered the birthday of the Christian church at large.  

Come and join us this year as we commemorate Christ's ascension, which completed his work on earth that gave birth to the church that we now all are part!

Trinity Church