Mail Box - October


The mail box was added to share notes from people who took the time to share their thoughts and expressions of gratitude with Trinity. 


An update from Crystal Brown, Executive Director of the Brethren Housing Association…

Greetings, I hope you all are doing well. It has been busy at BHA but with so many wonderful things!!!! The kids started school last week and thanks to Volunteers of America, they had brand new bookbags and supplies. On August 21st, BHA received a donation of 20 brand new twin beds from Ashely Homestore. Also, one of the moms obtained her driver’s license. She practiced driving with her Family Advocate and passed the test on the first try!!!! We are so proud of her and the steps she is taking to change her life and the life of her children. We thank you for your support and prayers. You are making a difference one person at a time!!!! Have a wonderful day.

Crystal Brown


Thank you from Group Mission Trips

Thank you for serving with us and allowing us to be part of your ministry! We are so grateful for you and your group and thankful for the impact you’ve made!




Trinity Church