Relationship with Friedens Lutheran Church, Llewellyn

As of June 1, we are sharing Pastor Brian's services with Friedens Lutheran Church, a congregation located off of route 209 in Llewellyn.  The church building is located on the left hand side of the road as you are approaching Llewellyn.  The reason for this is that Trinity's finances and attendance patterns have led to this being a necessity.  The congregation of Friedens had previously been sharing a pastor with English Lutheran Church in Minersville, which closed in April.  

What does this mean for Trinity?  Well, Pastor Brian will be giving 84% of his time to Trinity each week while Friedens will receive 16% of his time.  As Pastor Brian has worked in a two-parish setting in his past, he says that the week by week sharing will shift per week, depending on funerals, emergencies, and other things that may take place at one or the other congregation, but overall, the time split should look like the percentage that you see prior in this paragraph.  

As of this writing, the relationship has been going extremely well, as Pastor Brian leads their 9:00 AM worship service before returning to Trinity for 10:30.  

This does have ramifications on our early 7:45 service.  Because of the shared quality of the church schedule, we will only be running our 7:45 AM service during the summer, as the schedule will get busier in the fall, including on Sundays, when Pastor Brian will need to find another time other than Sunday School Hour to hold Confirmation classes.  Because of this, the last 7:45 AM service will be held on August 26, with the early service restarting next Summer once the schedule gets lighter.

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