Let Us Pray...


Trinity’s Council begins each meeting with prayer by a Council member. Many of these prayers ask God for guidance as we discuss issues and make decisions for our congregation.

Joe Fogarty’s prayer for our August meeting focused on giving thanks for our congregation and its ministries.  We want to share it with you and hope that you, too, will include your gratitude and support for Trinity’s ministries in your prayers and actions – God’s Work, Our Hands.

We give you thanks for our congregation and all its members who give of their time and talent in your name.  We give you thanks for allowing this to be a place where someone can come with a prayer request or come to give thanks for a prayer answered.

  • A place where the elderly and the infirmed are not forgotten

  • A place where people in need of medical treatment receive help with transportation needs

  • A place where families in need of clothing or school supplies are welcomed and that need is met

  • A place that is vigilant of the needs of our military, of people in impoverished nations or people in our own community that suffer loss

  • A place that turns an empty apartment into a home for someone who had nothing

  • A place that provides a community meal that nourishes not only the body but the soul as well

  • A place that houses child care for working parents

  • A place where the word of God is taught to our young

  • A place where the community’s youth can gather weekly for fun and fellowship experienced in a Christian environment

But most of all, Lord, we thank you for allowing this to be a place where the true meaning of the word ministry is alive and well.  For these things and all that you have given this congregation, Lord, we give you thanks.  Amen

Trinity Church