March Highlights

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Baptism of Pearce Bixler: Pearce Bixler, a member of the Tri Valley Class of 2017, asked about being baptized, having not been baptized as an infant.  He made public profession of his faith and was therefore baptized at Trinity on Saturday, March 9th.  We welcome Pearce as a fellow worker with us. We extend our love and support to him as he grows in his knowledge and faith in the Word of God. 

Girl Scout Sunday: Sunday, March 17th we welcomed Girl Scouts, leaders, and parents to worship with us on Girl Scout Sunday. We are happy to be their sponsoring organization, and we thank them for coming and taking part in our service. It was truly a pleasure to have them worship with us on this special day.

Soup After Service: Our second Soup After Service was held on Saturday, March 9th and Sunday, March 10th. It was a nice time of fellowship. There were many kinds of soup and all were delicious!

Spaghetti Dinner: Our Annual Spaghetti Dinner was held on Sunday, March 10th. We had a delicious spaghetti dinner, a great slide show of last year’s mission trip to Roanoke VA and introduction to Cincinnati, and a very pleasant time of fellowship. Donations for this year’s mission trip to Cincinnati totaled $614. We thank everyone who attended and contributed to the mission trip.

Agape Community Meal: Our March Agape Meal was held on March 13th. We have a list of 19 shut-ins to whom we deliver Agape meals. If you know of a shut-in who would appreciate a warm meal on the second Wednesday of each month, please let the Kitchen Committee know. We’ll be glad to add their names to the list!

Miles to Mend: In the month of March, we fulfilled two requests for Miles to Mend support. Do you know of someone who could use extra help for gas so that they can drive to ongoing appointments for medical treatment? Please feel free to nominate them using the forms located in the office entrance at the church building.

Tree of Life Leaves: The following leaves were added to our Tree of Life:

  •  For God’s Glory, Fayne, Susan & Sommer Sallada

  •  In Loving Memory of Jean Bair, Devoted Sunday School Teacher for 50 years.  “Share what you have.” Dave & Deb Bair

  •  In Honor of the Baptism of Briella Rayne Spotts, February 3, 2018

  •  In Celebration of the Marriage of Caity & Tino Mangine

  •  In Celebration of the Marriage of Jenny & Pat Moore

  •  In Celebration of Our Grandchildren by Deb & Bill Conrad

  • In Memory of Gerry & Len Conrad and Pat Conrad Peterson

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