Vacation Bible School (VBS) at the Valley View Park

Roar VBS Banner.jpg

This year’s VBS was held June 17th thru June 21st at the Valley View Park. We had 25 children participate in this year's Vacation Bible School, which was the "Roar" program. This program introduced cultural themes from the continent of Africa, including Animals, Foods, and how the church is very active in its many nations. Our videos focused on children living in Zambia, a small nation where the church is very active and where the children profiled demonstrated their faith in singing and worship.

Each day focused on God's Goodness and reminding the children that God's goodness is all around us.

Day 1's focus was When life is Unfair, God is Good!

Day 2's focus was When life is Scary, God is Good!

Day 3's focus was When life Changes, God is Good!

Day 4's focus was When life is Sad, God is Good!

Day 5's focus was When life is Good, God is Good!

We thank all the students who took part in VBS this year, their parents for bringing them, our teachers, helpers, and those who donated snacks. It was a great week.