Crystal Brown of the Brethren Housing Association (BHA)

As part of our serving ministry, Trinity’s Discipleship Committee is working to establish a relationship between our congregation and BHA.  In February, Crystal Brown, the Executive Director of BHA, spoke to our congregation about the work of BHA.  In January 2018, THE BURG, Greater Harrisburg’s Community Magazine, published an inspiring article about Crystal and the BHA entitled "She Builds: A social champion is in the house".  Click below to read this full article.  The more we learn about the BHA, the more exciting supporting BHA’s mission becomes.


Summary of Crystal's February 18th presentation to Trinity

On Sunday, February 18th at our 10:30 am service, Crystal Brown, Administrative Director of BHA joined us to share information about the journey and vision of the Brethren Housing Association (BHA), discuss volunteer opportunities, and answer questions. BHA has programs or partners with other organizations to help moms become self-sufficient.  Included is job training/seeking/maintaining services, parenting education, life skills training, counseling services, and youth programs for the kids.  Participants pay rent as they are able, but the rent is put in a savings account so when they are able to move out and support their family, they have savings for a down payment on a rental, etc.  Most importantly, BHA staff and volunteers continuously show these moms the love and care they need to develop and realize their own self-worth, empowering them to overcome the obstacles that lead them to the homelessness situation.  We look forward to working with this incredible organization.