Did You Ever Wonder... about Group Mission Trips?


For the past two years, members of Trinity Lutheran Church have been going on Mission trips that have been conducted by Group Mission Trips. Here is information about the company itself.

Group Mission Trips started in 1977 by offering one Mission Trip, and that trip was to Loveland, Colorado, which had just been hit with a devastating flood. After that first year, the idea was to repeat the experience, adding more sites along the way. There are now sites as close as Reading but as far away as Fairbanks, Alaska.

In 1982, the first International Work Camp took place, in Juarez, Mexico. Currently, Group runs international trips all over the globe, including, Haiti, Peru, Belize, and Guatemala.

For a long while, all trips lasted one week and consisted of home repair. In 2005, Group launched Week of Hope, which takes place around the United States and is based on volunteer activities. Week of Hope is designed for participants both in elementary school and high school.

For Group Mission Trips, the hope is that both participants and those who receive aid are connected to Jesus in their work together. Group intentionally connects the work that is done during the day with reflection in the evening that demonstrates how we are living out Jesus' call to love our neighbor.

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