Cleaning and Furnishing of 4th BHA Apartment Completed

We have completed the cleaning and furnishing of our fourth apartment for the Brethren Housing Association’s (BHA) Adopt-an-Apartment program. This apartment is a two floor, two bedroom apartment located in Harrisburg. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time, furniture, appliances, household items, toys and other items to make this apartment a home for a homeless mother and her two young children.

BHA has programs or partners with other organizations to help moms become self-sufficient. Included is job training/seeking/maintaining services, parenting education, life skills training, counseling services, and youth programs for the kids. BHA staff and volunteers continuously show these moms the love and care they need to develop and realize their own self-worth, empowering them to overcome the obstacles that lead them to the homelessness situation. For further information on the Brethren Housing Association and the programs offered please visit their website at one of the links below.

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